Anthem Students

We love our students! Each week during the school year, Anthem gathers for a time of games, worship, teaching and small group discussions. Students are placed within a same-gender small group and assigned a leader. Because we deeply value the impact a leader can have on a student, that small group leader connects with the same group of students throughout the school year.

Middle School Anthem

Middle School Anthem is a great place for students to come together and hang out, develop some deep friendships, and encounter the Living God. We meet in the Studio on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 during the school year.


High School Anthem

High School Anthem provides a place for students to explore and develop a relationship with Jesus, Anthem students learn to live the best kind of life by caring about the things God cares about - justice, mercy, humility and love. High School Anthem meets on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:30 in the studio during the school year.


2019-20 Anthem Schedule


Meets every Wednesday night         meets every Sunday night

from 7-8:30pm, September-            from 6:30-8:30pm, 

May, except for these dates:            September-May except for

                                                         these dates: 

Nov. 27 - Thanksgiving break          Dec. 1 - Thanksgiving break    

Dec. 25 - Christmas break               Dec. 22 - Christmas break

Jan. 1 - Christmas break                  Dec. 29 - Christmas break

Apr. 8 - Spring break                       Jan. 12 - No Anthem

                                                        Apr. 5 & 12 - Spring break

Special dates to put on calendar: 

(MS = middle school, HS = high school) 

September 4 - MS Kick Off

September 8 - HS Kick Off

September 28-29 - Senior Retreat

October 12-13 - 8th grade Retreat

December 22 - Christmas movie night (Both MS & HS) 

January 10-12 - HS SpringHill Winter Weekend

January 31-February 2 - MS SpringHill Winter Weekend

February 2 - HS Super Bowl Gathering

May 27 - Spring Party (Both MS & HS)