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    You won't miss a thing! Whether you're not yet comfortable returning to in-person services, or you just can't make it on a Sunday morning, it's all here for you! 


    AUG 5 FROM 6-8PM  Join us at Keystone for an Express VBS night! Students entering Kindergarten through 5th grade are welcome and encouraged to bring friends. It will be two hours packed full of fun as we explore and learn all about "Loving like God loves and serving like Jesus served!" Volunteer opportunities are available!


    Help us give our community some love this summer! Kids Food Basket is a place you can serve "down on the farm" as a family. Click the 'More' button to select a day and time that works for you. 

  • "Cart O' Fun" 2nd sunday of each month!

    This is a super fun reward program, where Keystone Kids earn "Keystone Kids Stars" to spend at the Cart O' Fun. Kids earn these stars by being spotted serving others, knowing or using their memory verse, bringing friends to church, in celebration of their birthdays and loving like God loves. Kids can purchase one item from the cart to enjoy.  Every few months we roll out the GIVE BACK CART O' FUN where kids can purchase an adorable card and stamp for 10 stars to mail out to someone to let them know they LOVE them 

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    Learn more about how we do things each Sunday, how we group ages, our mission and what to expect! 

what to expect the new few weeks!

3yrs - PreK

Happy August! This month in 3-PreK our bottom line continues to be "God is powerful!"  Our memory verse is taken from PSALM 147:5,  "Great is our Lord and mighty in power."  

Week 1/August 1: 

Story: God uses His power to make everything, including people. GENESIS 1:26; PSALM 139:14

Week 2/August 8: 

Story: God parts a sea and creates a dry path for Moses and the people to walk across. EXODUS 13:17-18; 14

Week 3/August 15: 

Story: God does something only He can do and makes water come out of a rock. EXODUS 17:1-7

Week 4/August 22: 

Story: Daniel makes the right choice and eats the food God told him to eat. DANIEL 1:8-17

Week 5/August 29: 

Story: God's power protects Daniel when he is thrown into a den with lions. DANIEL 6:1-23

what to expect the next few weeks!


Happy August! This month our theme is WISDOMGod wants for us to find out what we should be doing and do it. Our memory verse for this month is, "If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He will give it to you, God gives freely to everyone and doesn't find fault." JAMES 1:5 NIrV

Week 1/August 1:

Story: Jesus Grows in Wisdom. LUKE 2:41-52

Bottom line: Wisdom is worth searching for.

Week 2/ August 8

Story: Solomon Asks God for Wisdom. 1 KINGS 3:4-28

Bottom line: Trust God to give you wisdom.

Week 3/ August 15: 

Story: Wise People See Danger. PROVERBS 22:3

Bottom line: Think before you act.

Week 4/August 22: 

Story: Rehoboam Listens to Fools. 2 CHRONICLES 10

Bottom line: Hang out with wise people.

Week 5/August 29: 

Story: Renew Your Mind. ROMANS 12:2

Bottom line: Never stop growing in wisdom.