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what to expect the new few weeks!

3yrs - PreK

Happy January! This month in 3-PreK our bottom line is  "Jesus teaches me important things"  Our memory verse is taken from MATTHEW 7:28 NIV,  "The crowds were amazed at His teaching."  

Week 1/ January 2 : 

Story: Prodigal Son. LUKE 15:11-24

Week 2/ January 9: 

Story: The Lost Sheep. LUKE 15:3-7

Week 3/ January 16: 

Story: Bigger Barns. ACTS 2:45; LUKE 12:16-21

Week 4/ January 23: 

Story: Good SamaritanLUKE 10:25-37

Week 5/ January 30: 

Story: House on a Rock. MATTHEW 7:24-27

what to expect the next few weeks!


Happy January! This month our theme is SELF CONTROLGod wants for us to choose what we should even when we don't want to. Our memory verse for this month is, "God's power has given us everything we need to lead a godly life." 2 PETER 1:3a NIrV

Week 1/ January 2:

Story: Jesus is Tempted in the Desert. LUKE 4:1-13 5

Bottom line: Be ready to do the right thing.

Week 2/ January 9

Story: Broken-Down Walls. PROVERBS 25:28

Bottom line: When you lose control, it can cause trouble.

Week 3/ January 16: 

Story: David Spares Saul's Life. 1 SAMUEL 24

Bottom line: Don't be controlled by your anger.

Week 4/ January 23: 

Story: Choose Your Words Carefully. PROVERBS 12:18

Bottom line: Think before you speak.

Week 5/ January 30: 

Story: Too Much of a Good Thing. PROVERBS 25:16

Bottom line: Know when to stop.