meet the keystone staff

  • Craig Allen


    craiga@keystonecc.org | Craig maintains Keystone's beautiful facilities and lends a hand anywhere he can in all areas of ministry. You may catch Craig welcoming people on Sundays, serving coffee, checking in with the Keystone Kids team or helping to direct traffic during a busy holiday weekend. If you need to know where something is located at Keystone, look for Craig. He will show you the way!

  • drew brennan
    Pastor of spiritual formation

    drew@keystonecc.orgDrew is passionate about helping others encounter God's transformative love. With a love for meaningful conversations, teaching, and nurturing spiritual growth, Drew plays various roles, including a part-time position as an Army National Guard chaplain. When not guiding spiritual journeys, he enjoys the outdoors through activities like boating and hiking. Drew resides in Ada with his ministry partner and spouse, Hanna, along with their beloved dog, Oakley.

  • Hanna Brennan

    Groups & Discipleship

    hanna@keystonecc.org | Hanna joined the staff in 2021 to help Keystone friends discover their next steps as they follow Jesus. She loves teaching, mentoring, and connecting Jesus followers as they discover who they are in Christ. Hanna has a background in music and education and has served in a variety of teaching and ministry settings. She lives in Ada with her Army chaplain husband, Drew, and her teenage sons, Will and Quinn. Her admittedly favorite son is her dog, Oakley (story guys). 

  • Sue Edema


    suee@keystonecc.org | Sue serves as the Team Administrator for Keystone. She arrived on staff in January, 2007 after retiring from teaching. Sue maintains the Keystone database, processes accounting work and gets the day-to-day details done along with our team. Sue coordinates the classes offered at Keystone and serves on the Care and Local Extend Teams. Even though she loves working at Keystone, her favorite job is being a grandma.

  • Shannon Gallagher
    Guest Experience & Graphic Design

    shannon@keystonecc.org | Shannon joined the Keystone staff in the fall of 2017. She manages the guest experience teams and serves to meet Keystone's graphic design needs. When not at Keystone, she loves reading, walking, hiking, and mostly spending time with her people—her husband Alex, and three awesome kids, Bennet, Brody and Cecelia (and her peopley dog, Lou).

  • Caitlyn Jachim

    Anthem Students

    caitlynj@keystonecc.org | Caitlyn is the student director for our Anthem program and has been on staff at Keystone since 2013. She leads a team of volunteers for both our middle school and high school groups. Caitlyn graduated from Kuyper College with a degree in youth ministry and has many years of experience working with students at SpringHill Camps and the 3 Mile project as well as coaching. Caitlyn is married to her husband, Ben and they have four boys, Eli, Sammy, Blake and Griffin. In her spare time, Caitlyn loves to both play and coach sports, and enjoys spending lots of quality time with her friends and family.

  • Michelle Militello


    michelle@keystonecc.org | Michelle has been involved in leadership in almost every ministry Keystone offers. Hired in 2009, Michelle initially was working part-time as the leader of Keystone Kids but since then has helped lead Group Life, Oasis, Facilities, Human Resources and participates as the staff liaison for our Global Extend Team. Currently, Michelle is the Administrative Site Leader and the leader of our Operations Team. She has 4 amazing children and 4 grandchildren. Michelle loves the sunlight. It makes her smile. Consequently, she enjoys her corner office full of windows. 

  • Paul Militello


    paulm@keystonecc.org | Paul is in charge of our music and technology production.  He also leads our bands, playing various instruments and singing. Paul is a lifelong musician and has played music professionally since the age of 16.  Paul owns and operates RIT Music, a two store chain of music retail stores in Grand Rapids and Holland, as well as Music Ministry Services which provides sales, service, and support for churches. Paul is passionate about the powerful effects of music and the arts in church and excited to help provide a safe and creative place for people to ask questions and begin or renew their faith journey.

  • Brady Nemmers

    Lead Teaching Pastor

    brady@keystonecc.org | Brady joined Keystone as co-leader in 2013 and serves as lead teaching pastor. He is passionate about communicating the story of God in a way that is relevant, engaging and applicable. He also spent the better part of a decade and a half as a disc jockey, a fact that has been generally hidden until now. He lives in Ada with his amazing wife Sarah Anne, four boys (Carter, Parker, Colton and Wilson), & boxer, Hazel.

  • Bette Jo Nienhuis

    Community Care

    bettejo@keystonecc.org  |  Bette Jo trained as a nurse and worked in several hospitals before returning to school to earn a masters degree in counseling. Her deepest joy comes in sitting with women and helping them to walk in faithful obedience with Jesus. In 2017, she joined the Keystone staff, along with her husband, Bob, and is excited to partner with him in helping others to find and follow Jesus. When not at Keystone, you will likely find Bette Jo with one of her seven delightful grandchildren   

  • Bob Nienhuis
    community care

    bob@keystonecc.org  |  Bob joined the Keystone staff in 2017 after a career that included seminary professor, university provost and pastor. He finds great satisfaction in mentoring men, helping them to live fulfilled lives at home and at work. Bob, working together with his wife, Bette Jo, is eager to help people get connected at Keystone and to encourage them to take their next step with Jesus. Bob and Bette Jo live in Ada, have two married daughters and seven grandchildren.

  • Paige rohen

    paige@keystonecc.org |  Paige loves working with kids and teaching them about Jesus' love for them. She is a Kuyper graduate with a degree in ministry leadership. In her free time she loves to spend time outside (mostly in the Summer), camping, kayaking, and playing with her dog Max. She loves spending time with her family and friends and is always up for spontaneous road trips, garage sailing or staying in and cooking a good meal. 

  • lORI stockenauer
    keystone kids

    lori@keystonecc.orgLori has been working with kids at many different churches—either as staff or a volunteer—for most of her adult life. She began her time at Keystone as a volunteer shortly after she and her family moved to Ada and started attending Keystone. She joined the staff in the summer of 2023. Her favorite hobbies are hiking, reading and playing tennis. Her husband Tim would add that she's always looking for large rocks to climb on! She and Tim have four grown children: Anthony, Cody, Megan and Nick.

  • grant taylor
    anthem students

    grant@keystonecc.org |  Grant holds the world record for longest distance traveled on a unicycle while simultaneously juggling three live king cobra snakes. Grant was an Anthem volunteer before coming on to staff in late 2022.  His beautiful wife Alicia somehow manages to live with him and their two dogs (Tuna and Meatball) on the westside of Grand Rapids. If you ever hear or feel a rumble in Keystone it is probably not an earthquake but one of Grant’s astronomical belches. 

  • Mason Tucker

    mason@keystonecc.org |   Mason started at Keystone several years ago by assisting the church with events, and was even an Anthem leader for a short time. Now, he is one of our amazing facility staff. Mason helps out other staff by keeping the church ready for service and small group communities. A proud husband and father of two, he spends most of his time with family and, in his spare time, enjoys playing video games.

  • Randy Wassink
    Staff Team Leader

    randyw@keystonecc.org | Randy is one of the founders of Keystone and currently serves as co-leader. He oversees the overall operations of the church and is the Staff Team Leader. One of his greatest passions is bringing people closer to God and to each other through the Keystone High Adventure group. Randy and his wife Kris have been highly involved in Keystone from its inception and are excited to be serving with such a great group of people.

    PRoduction Team

    samw@keystonecc.org I At 3 years old, Sam was the youngest team member that started Keystone. Sam is often behind the sound board or  other various technologies to produce live Sunday services, online experiences, and different events. Sam is also regularly on the stage playing banjo, electric & acoustic guitars. Because of his own musicianship, Sam passionately pursues bringing out the best sound from each musician in the band.

  • Keystone's Board of Directors

    board@keystonecc.orgKeystone is a staff-lead organization governed by a board of directors who define and hold the organization to its purpose of helping people find and follow Jesus. The board includes Jeff Asfour, Jesse Buck, Mandy Gaddy, Jan Hilbrands, Jodie Masefield, Kyle Norcutt, Mike O'Meara (Chair), Zack Vandenberg, Gayle VanGessel, Brady Nemmers and Randy Wassink.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is God’s gift of love to the world. He died on the cross, rose from the dead and returned to his Father in heaven in order to free us from the addictive power of sin. 

  • We are made to have a fulfilling, personal relationship with our Creator. However, that relationship is broken off by our independent attempts to live life in our own way.

  • Fortunately, our God, motivated by unending love, never stops looking for those of us who have wandered away. He sent his only Son, Jesus, into the world in order to search for us. As a result, Jesus is the only Savior able to bring us back to God.

  • Jesus wants to give each of us the benefits of forgiveness, hope, a clear conscience, guidance and eternal life when we accept his gift of love through faith and offer him control over our lives. There is nothing we can do to earn or to improve upon God’s free gift of salvation.

  • In order to make this new life a practical reality, God fills each of his children with the gift of his own Holy Spirit. As we actively depend upon God’s Spirit to direct us in life’s decisions, He progressively heals our brokenness, making us whole and healthy.

  • One of the visible expressions of God’s new life is always seen in His children’s developing desire and ability to build loving community relationships with one another.

  • One day Jesus is returning to this world in order to judge all evil and to share everything he has with all of his people in a perfect world.

  • There is one God who exists eternally as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • We learn these lessons from the Bible, the truthful Word of God that teaches us how to honestly know both our Father and ourselves.