connect & meet new people

SERVE on sundays & beyond

Would you like to be part of what God's doing here in our Keystone community? Find a way to serve that works for you! Opportunities include serving in Keystone Kids, guest experience (greeting, coffee, popcorn, etc) or tech teams! 


    Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday. Would you like to be part of what God's doing here in our Keystone community? We offer many serving opportunities! From greeting our Sunday guests to serving drinks and popcorn in the Keystone Café, we'll find a place for you! 


    What could be more important that helping kids learn to love like God loves and serve like Jesus serves? Consider coming alongside us as we lead the next generation of Keystone!

  • meal team

    If you like to cook, consider signing up to make a meal to serve Keystone friends—Anthem leaders (Sundays and Wednesdays), community events, families with illness or other needs, etc. 

  • local extend

    Walk alongside us as we encourage, support, and demonstrate God’s love in tangible ways right here in West Michigan. We work with others in the community to ensure our energies are systemic and that the impact is sustainable. 

  • global extend

    As Christ Followers, we believe we are to work for positive change in our local community and in the world. The world is a big place, and we're thrilled that God has led us to partner with two amazing organizations who are transforming their communities in the Dominican Republic and Uganda. We love being part of God’s work of making the world more like He desires it to be!