what's your next step?

We want to make it easy for you to connect here at Keystone and take the next step that's best for you.
Whether it's joining a group, connecting through serving or inquiring about Baptism, we are here to help!

  • serve

    SERVE OUR GUESTS  Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday. Would you like to be part of what God's doing here in our Keystone community? We offer many serving opportunities! From greeting our Sunday guests to serving drinks and popcorn in the Keystone Café, we'll find a place for you! 

  • groups

    LIFE IS BETTER TOGETHER  Consider joining one of the many groups we offer here at Keystone. Groups are designed to help you continue to grow in your faith journey alongside others. Let us help you find the right group for you! 

  • baptism

    BAPTISM & DEDICATIONS  Jesus was baptized. Since then, millions have followed His example. Baptism is a way to publicly share your own story of how following Jesus makes your life better, and makes you better at life. If you’re interested in baby dedication, we offer that too. Let’s have a conversation.