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Dating, Sex & Relationships

The topics of dating, sex and relationships are super confusing to any teenager. This week, we are going to help clear some things up when it comes to all of those things. We will have a panel of our leaders answer some of the questions that our students have asked within the past couple of weeks to help us prepare for this night. 

Some questions include: 

  • How do I know if a person is interested in me or not? 
  • What are good boundaries when it comes to a relationship? 
  • Why are girls so confusing? 
  • Does "I love you" matter? 
  • How can I break up with someone and still have a good relationship with them?
  • Is it bad to have sex before marriage? Why?
  • How do you resist the temptation to have sex?

Come and join us for the conversation this week! 

Baptism Night

Anthem is putting on a baptism event for our students and we would love for you to come join us! 

Check out our video about baptism!