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The woman at the well

There are so many examples of sharing the good news of the Gospel, and there is no example better than when Jesus does it Himself. 

This week, we are going to listen to a monologue from the Samaritan woman, her perspective on hearing the good news for the first time and her encounter with Jesus. 

Come and join us! 


John 4:1-26

Big Idea:

The Gospel is something we believe in and respond to.


1. Read John 4:1-26

2. Who was the Samaritan woman and why is it interesting that Jesus talked to her? 

3. What is the "living water" that Jesus was talking about? Who does Jesus offer this "living water" to? 

4. What good news did Jesus share with the Samaritan woman and how did she respond to it? 

5. What does this story mean to you and what have you learned from this encounter with Jesus? 

Practical Life Lessons

It's very important to know those practical life lessons that help you in every day life. 

Here are a few practical life lessons our students learned about last week!