December 6, 2023


over explanation

Jesus is meant to be experienced, not just explained. 

Sometimes, it's hard to focus on Jesus during Christmas because some who follow Jesus can misrepresent the goodness and generosity of Jesus coming to be with us. The shepherds felt this way too as they were outcasts of their society and not treated well by those who claimed to know God. But they experienced God in a brand new way during the Christmas story. God invited them to see who the Savior was and their experience was unlike anyone else's. 

Come and join us this week to learn more about how to experience Jesus and not just feel like you need all of the explanations. 

small group questions

1. What was a powerful and/or emotional experience that you have had that you think "oh you just had to be there?"

2. What is something small that you want for Christmas? What is something you wish would be different about the upcoming holiday season?

3. Is it more important to be blessed or to be a blessing during this season?

4. How might you be a blessing to others this holiday season?

December schedule

  • december 13 - welcome to the neighborhood

    When someone new arrives, everything changes. That was never more true than Christmas day, about 2000 years ago. When the word became flesh and blood and moved into our neighborhood, everything changed for everyone. This Christmas, we're going to take a few weeks to talk about what exactly this means for today's teenagers. This Christmas, students will discover why everything changes when Jesus shows up. 

  • december 20 - christmas party

    Let's celebrate Christmas with a party! Come and join us for a regular night of Anthem but with all the elements of a party throw in! 

  • december 27 & January 3 - 

    no anthem

    Due to the Christmas holiday, there will be NO ANTHEM so students can be with their family and friends! We will kick off the new year on January 10, 2024!