december 1, 2021

Worth it

We have heard the Christmas story before, hundreds of times even. So how do we hear it this Christmas without just going through the motions? 

This week, we are focusing on the story of the shepherds to give the story more meaning. We find that when we know the context, the story comes more alive. 

Scripture: Luke 2:8-12

Big Idea: Jesus came for all of us, even you

Small Group Questions: 

1. Name your favorite part of Christmas. 

2. What did you know of shepherds before tonights teaching? 

3. In what ways have you felt unworthy in your life? 

4. How can you take the example of the shepherds to see that you are worthy enough? 

5. Why do you think Jesus came to save all people? How can you see those who you may see as worthy enough in a different light? 

January 14-16, 2022

anthem winter retreat

It's back! 

Our annual winter weekend is back and although we have a few details that have changed 

from previous years, we still have a GREAT weekend planned! 

Here are the details: 

What: A student weekend retreat 

When: January 14-16

Where: Camp Ao-WA-Kiya 

Who: All middle schoolers and high schoolers 

Activities include: tubing, broom ball, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, worship, games, crafts, teachings, small groups and more! 

Cost: $110 per student (with scholarships available) 

Sign up by clicking HERE