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Studio Sneak Peak

Our new studio is under construction and we wanted an update. 

So we snuck in with our hard hats on to bring you a studio update. 


We are going through the stories of the Bible, ones that don't always get mentioned. This week, we will be going over the story of the birth of Moses. It's a story that is told often, but we are going to look at it through the eyes of Moses' mother. 

The odds were stacked against Moses; living in Egypt as an Israelite with great despair, families forced to lose their baby boys due to Pharaoh's decree and a future unknown. God promised many years earlier that He would deliver His people and the birth of Moses is where things get moving. Through the faith of Moses' mother, God's promise begins to take form which later allows for Moses to be used by God to deliver His people. 

Big Idea: Hard times don't erase God's promises

Bible Passages

Exodus 1-2:10

Small Group Questions

1.   Has anyone ever promised to do something for you? Have they follow through? 

2. What part of Moses' birth story stick out to you? Was there something you had never heard of before?  

3. In what ways did Moses' mother have great faith? 

4. What promises does God promise us? Has He followed through or not? 

5. What is one thing you can do this week to pay attention to the promise that God has for you?