January 20, 2021

It matters

As human beings, one of our most common goals is to be known and understood, to know that what matters to us matters to others. Rather than being judged for our interests, hobbies and quirks and choosing not to spend time with us because of those things, we would love for people to just accept us for who we are and be willing to get to know us. 

We were introduced to a man named Zacchaeus last week and he felt out of place too, but that didn't stop Jesus from reaching out to him and spending time with him. Jesus even invited himself over to Zacchaeus' house because Jesus cared about what Zacchaeus cared about. 

What mattered to Zacchaeus mattered to Jesus and what matters to you matters to Jesus. 

Join us this week as we dive deeper into Zacchaeus' story to learn more about how Jesus continues to care about us today. 

Big Idea: It's personal because Jesus knows what matters to you. 

Scripture: Luke 19: 5 & Philippians 2:3b-4

Small Group Questions: 

1. Who in your life really "gets you"? Why do you think they get you? 

2. When it seems like no on "gets you", it can be easy to feel ____________. 

3. Why do you think it's difficult to believe that Jesus cares about what matters to you? What are the things that you care about that you don't think God cares about? 

4. Read Philippians 2:4. Who is someone you know who consistently takes the time to get to know others? 

5. If you decided to take an interest in what matters to someone else, what might you do or what questions might you ask them? 

Reinstating rules

We are back to in-person Anthem but we still have rules to follow! 

Check out our video to see how we are keeping safe while at Anthem!  


january 13

In person


We hope you all had a wonderful break and enjoyed the holidays with your family! 

We are kicking 2021 off with in-person full Anthem programming starting on January 13. Middle school will meet from 7-8:30pm. Masks are required the entire time while in the building.