Anthem Middle School Blog

It's Summer Time! 

Anthem is over for the year but have no fear, our summer is jam packed with fun events! 

Check out our schedule below! You can sign up for any of these events on the sign up page of our website. 

*Don't forget, incoming 6th graders can come to these events! 

June 5: Kickball (6-7pm) 

June 16-21: Middle School Serve Trip

June 25: White caps game (7:00pm) 

June 30: MS Serve Trip Reunion Lunch (12-1pm) 

July 18: Pool Day (4-7pm) 

August 8: Michigan's Adventure (All Day) 

August 17: Millennium Park Beach Day (11-5pm) 

August 28: All Anthem Cookout (6-8pm)