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Let God Be God

Prayer is an interesting thing. Most of the time, we make prayer all about us, what we want, what we think we need. But prayer isn't about that at all. It's about asking God to do what He thinks is best for us and the world. 

That's a hard concept to think about and accept but God is a God who isn't there to just give us what we want, He is a God who is good and helps us do the tough things to make us better servants. 

This week, we will be talking about how Jesus taught us to pray and it's all about praising God and allowing His will to be done rather than ours. Join us this week as we talk about a very challenging subject, to let God be God! 

Small Group Questions: 

1.    When you pray, why do we pray for ourselves?       Why do we pray for others? 

2.    When you pray, what are the usual ways you find yourself asking God to act? 

3.    When, if ever, do you find yourself praying for God’s presence to be more recognized in the world? 4.    Is it bad to pray for yourself? Why or why not? 

5.    What does it look like to let God’s will be done rather than yours? 

Middle School Summer Serve Trip - June 16-21

Milwaukee, WI

Calling all middle schoolers! It may not feel like summer, but it's time to start signing up for our summer serve trips! We are partnering with Next Step Ministries again this year and will be going to Milwaukee, WI. Dates for this trip are June 16-21 and cost is $499. A $50 deposit is required at registration. Click here to sign up!