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When You Don't Have Answers

There is a great tension between science and faith and many people think they have to pick one or the other. Situations come up and we may not know the answer: was the earth really created in 7 days? Did the worldwide flood with Noah really happen? Could Jonah actually get swallowed up by a large fish? There are plenty of stories where science says one thing and the Bible says the other. 

So where do we go with our questions? 

When we don't have the answers to our questions, we may begin to question everything we believe. The great thing is we know of someone who has all of the answers, God! He knows all about science and how things move and run in our world and beyond. It's a matter of trusting who He is and that He is in control of everything. Come and join us this week as we unpack more of the tension between science and faith! 

Mom Van Statement: You can trust Someone before you know everything

Scripture: Colossians 1:15-17

Small Group Questions: 

1. What are some science and faith questions you thought of this week? 

2. Why do we sometimes feel the need to have all of the answers before making a faith decision? 

3. Do you feel like it's risky to ask hard questions about your faith? Why or why not? 

4. What have you had to put your faith in before without having all of the answers? 

5. What would it look like to trust God and still pursue answers to your questions? 

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