Hope. Love. Respect. Healing. Security. Education. Jesus.

Meet Dr. Betty Udongo. Her personal story is amazing. She grew up in the Idi Amin conflict, was the 1st girl from her village to attend University, served in Uganda’s Parliament, earned a Doctorate in Botany from WMU, researched & designed her own line of skin care products, & personally funded and ran a school for girls.

Even more amazing is the vision that God has given her more recently, to meet a new need in Uganda.  She was to do something for young girls who are facing forced pregnancies which happened during the Covid shutdown. Keystone began partnering with Dr. Betty in the fall of 2022, and New Generation Healing and Empowerment Centre was born!  Already, here is what's happening:

  • 40 girls and their babies are now involved, with many living in residence at the Centre along with three meals/day for the first time in their lives. 
  • A full teaching staff offers an accelerated education getting them ready to sit for the national exams this fall OR vocational training in catering, tailoring, hairdressing, and child care.
  • Medical staff and a full-time social worker are available for the young moms and their families.
  • Add in trauma counseling, parenting skills, daily devotions, team-building activities, an on-site church, and more!