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Children in El Cacique have dreams. Education gives them hope that they can come true.

We invite you to get to know the community of El Cacique, an extremely poor section of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Since 2009, Keystone has partnered with Dr. Silvia Martinez and Sociedad Lucas to help break the cycle of poverty and bring hope and love by helping to meet the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of both the children who attend her school, and their families in the community beyond.

Many of the children living in El Cacique were unable to attend the public schools because as Haitian immigrants, they lacked the right papers or could not afford tuition. Without an education or even a safe place to play, many of the children were working in the adjacent city dump, scavenging for anything that could be reused or sold to help support their family.

  • Centro Educativo Cristiano Escuela is now a thriving science & technology school filled with 300+ students. 
  • Adding a grade each year, we now have students graduating and going on to attend University!
  • A nutritional breakfast & lunch are served to many students
  • Youth group, sports camps, summer activities & Bible camps
  • On-site church for the entire community
  • El Cacique Hope House - A home in the village to take in students who are homeless
  • A new partnership with IT Partners, a Grand Rapids, MI company, who has installed a new computer lab that will greatly increase the tech opportunities for current students and eventually for the community members too.