Y20 was born out of the desire to create a community at Keystone where young people, about 18-30 years old, could come and simply be themselves; laugh loudly, talk about the day-to-day grind of life, express hopes and desires, and ask honest questions about God and faith. As a program it’s pretty simple, we meet up on Thursday nights around 7pm, eat a home-cooked dinner together and then dive into a relevant faith-based discussion. We also incorporate serving in our city and community, a fall retreat, and other events for the sake of fun and community!  


Contact Ryan King at ryank@keystonecc.org to get connected to the weekly emails with the most current info!

Updates also posted @ Facebook.com/KeystoneY20


September 5  //  7pm @ Keystone //  The Great Grand Rapids Adventure

September 12  //  7pm @ Keystone

September 19  //  7pm @ Ryan's House

September 26  //  7pm @ Community Night (TBD)

September 27  //  Keystone Studio Concert Series

October 3  //  7pm @ Ryan's House (Worship Night)

October 5  //  11am @ Robinette's Cider Mill

October 10  //  7pm @ Keystone

October 17  //  7pm @ TBD

October 18-20  //  Fall Retreat @ The Springs Camp

October 24  //  7pm @ Community Night (TBD)

October 31  //  Halloween Party

November 7  //  7pm @ Ryan's House (Worship Night)

November 14  //  7pm @ Keystone

November 21 // 7pm @ Community Night (TBD)

November 28  //  THANKSGIVING (No Y20)

Septemer 19 Questions

  1. Have you experienced something you thought was “unlucky” and it turned out to be “lucky”? 

  2. Have you ever had a circumstance you didn’t like but saw someone else benefit from it?

  3. How do you think God influences what is happening around us? Have you ever seen him provide the perfect circumstance for something to happen? Is this what you would consider a miracle or simply another example of how God is involved in our lives? 

  4. Why does this concept matter? How can it change your perspective? 

  5. What can you do to keep this concept in mind as you go about your life?