Y20 is a new community at Keystone created for young adults. The years between 18 and 25 can be some of the most challenging, transformative, and quite frankly weirdest times in our lives.  Y20 is an awesome place to meet and find a community of friends navigating the adventure of young adulthood and exploring faith in invitational and challenging ways.


We meet most Thursday nights at 7pm at Ryan King's house in Grand Rapids. We'll share a meal, engage in a relevant teaching and discussion, as well as have some fun along the way. Every first Thursday of the month will be a time for live house worship and food.


For more information contact Ryan King at ryank@keystonecc.org


The Big Questions

Y20 wants to ask the big questions: who are you? who are you becoming? who is God? who is God to you? why are you here? what is the Church? what is love? 

First Time?

Awesome! Y20 is a new community so you'll fit right in! Email Ryan King, come on a Thursday night, eat some free food, and enjoy the community. No matter your background, if you attend Keystone, or if you like olives on your pizza (which is gross) you are welcome here!


Please note that events will be added to the calendar as the year progresses. Every Thursday night at 7pm is Y20, this calendar marks events outside of normal Thursdays (Worship Nights the first Thursday of every month).

2.27    //    VOLUNTEER AT SIBLEY ELEMENTARY    //    4:30PM  

3.1   //     LIVING ROOM WORSHIP NIGHT      //      7PM

3.3    //    GRIFFINS HOCKEY GAME   //    7PM

4.5    //     LIVING ROOM WORSHIP NIGHT    //    7PM

5.3    //    LIVING ROOM WORSHIP NIGHT    //     7PM