we Work for Change in our community & in our world

At Keystone, we believe life works best when we give ourselves away in service to others. When we give ourselves away, we do a bit to make the world more like God wants it to be. We invite you to join us!

  • Global extend

    Keystone, in partnership with Sociedad Lucas and Dr. Silvia Martinez, works in the community of El Cacique in the Dominican Republic. In the past 5 years, we have built a school & nutrition center for some of the poorest children in Latin America.

    Hundreds of Keystone friends have traveled to El Cacique to work on construction projects and build relationships with the children and their families. The change in the community is unmistakable. Kids now have access to Christian education, food and clean drinking water as well as a hope for a brighter future.


  • local extend

    Keystone partners with organizations working for change on the Westside of Grand Rapids to show God’s love in tangible ways. Our efforts directly focus on the families of Sibley Elementary School where more than 95% of families live at or below the poverty line. 

    Over the past year, Keystone friends have donated hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to encourage, support, and demonstrate God’s love in tangible ways. We work with others in the community to ensure our energies are systemic and that the impact is sustainable. Test scores and attendance are climbing. Parental involvement is at an all-time high. 

    Our yearly initiatives include drives for school supplies, winter clothing, hygiene products and books. We also raise donations and rally volunteers for Thanksgiving meal cards, The Other Way Christmas Store, Bingo-for-Books. attendance celebrations, classroom connectors, and summer reading/tutoring programs.