Welcome to the Keystone Kid's Blog

This is the place to learn what we're up to in Keystone Kids each month!

  • Keystone Kids "Cart O' Fun"

    This is a super fun reward program, where Keystone Kids earn "Keystone Kids Stars" to spend on the "Cart O' Fun." Kids earn these stars by being spotted serving others, knowing their memory verse, bringing friends to church, in celebration of their birthdays and loving like God loves. The cart will roll out again Sunday, October 14 before and after each service.  Kids are NOT allowed to bring purchased items to class with them, we ask that parents hold the items for after service.

  • Volunteering in Keystone Kids

    We are always looking for wonderful individuals to sign up to volunteer in Keystone Kids.  We ask that if you have a child in Keystone Kids' Programming that one adult from your family sign up to volunteer 1x per month in one of the following areas:  Kids' Welcome Desk, Tiny Treasures (infant-2yrs), Dynomites (3-PreK), K/1st Grade Class, 2/3rd Grade Class, 4/5th Grade Class.  We are excited for you to join our team, email Holly at hollyb@keystonecc.org to get started!

Dynomites (3yrs - PreK)

Happy September!  This month in Dynomites, we are talking about how God keeps His promises!  Our memory verse is taken from 2 Samuel 22:31,  "Trust the Lord with all your heart."  Proverbs 3:5

Here's what to expect:

September 2:  God speaks to Moses from a burning bush to tell him what to do and promises to be with him.   Exodus 3, Psalm 118:7

September 9:  God parts the Sea so Moses can safely lead the Israelites across dry ground.  Exodus 13:17-18; 14

September 16:  God keeps His promise and gives Abraham and Sarah a son after they had waited a long time.   Genesis 12:2-3, 18:1-15, 21:1-6

September 23:  Noah trusts that God's plan is best and obeys everything God tells him to do.  Genesis 6:8-33, 7:1-20

September 30:  God keeps Noah and his family safe and then gives the rainbow as a sign of a new promise.  Genesis 8:1-9:17

Grades K-5

Happy September!  This month in Kindergarten through 5th grade our theme will be Initiative .  God wants for us to see what needs to be done and do it.  Our memory verse for this month is:  "Work at everything you do with all your heart.  Work as if you were working for the Lord"  Colossians 3:23a

Here's what to expect each week:

September 2:  Nehemiah hears about the wall.  Nehemiah 1:1-2:1-9

Bottom Line:  Be on the lookout for what needs to be done.

September 9:  Nehemiah plans to rebuild the wall.  Nehemiah 2:11-18

Bottom Line:  Don't wait for someone else to do what needs to be done.

September 16:  Nehemiah helps the poor.  Nehemiah 5:1-12

Bottom Line:  Don't wait for someone else to help people in need.

September 23:  Nehemiah and Sanballat.  Nehemiah 2:19-20, 4, 6

Bottom Line:  Stay focused on what needs to be done.

September 30:  Wall is rebuilt.  Nehemiah 3-4

Bottom Line:  Look for ways to celebrate what God has done.