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  • Keystone Kids "Cart O' Fun" 

    The cart will roll out again THE 1ST SUNDAY WE ARE BACK AT CHURCH and will be out before and after each service.  This is a super fun reward program, where Keystone Kids earn "Keystone Kids Stars" to spend on the "Cart O' Fun." Kids earn these stars by being spotted serving others, knowing or using their memory verse, bringing friends to church, in celebration of their birthdays and loving like God loves.  Kids can purchase 1 item from the cart, that we ask parents to hold until after service.

  • SpringHill Day Camp

    SpringHill Day Camp is coming back to Keystone June 22-26 for kids ages completed Kindergarten through completed 5th grade.  Registration is open!  This is an awesome week of fun and faith based curriculum that's kids won't want to miss.  Click here for more information or to register your child(ren).  Scholarships available, please email Holly Binns at hollyb@keystonecc.org with scholarship request.

  • Virtual Keystone Kids' Services

    Catch the latest Keystone Kids' Service right in your own home.  CLICK HERE to access videos for March 29 for both 3-PreK and K-5th grade kiddos!

3yrs - PreK

Happy March!  This month in 3-PreK our theme is "Follow the Leader," because Jesus is the best and He is one we want to follow always!  All month we will be learning all about how we can follow Jesus.  Our memory verse is taken from Matthew 4:19,  ""Come and follow me,' Jesus said."  

Here's what to expect:

March 1:  John the Baptist tells everyone how special Jesus is and then baptizes Him when Jesus tells him too.  Matthew 3:3-4, 11, 13-17

March 8:  Jesus tells fishermen Andrew, Peter, James and John to follow Him, and they do.  Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11

March 15:  Jesus tells Matthew the tax collector to follow Him, and he does.   Matthew 9:9-12

March 22:  Jesus tells twelve men to follow Him, and they become His disciplesThe Gospels

March 29:  Jesus tells us to love one another the way He loves us so everyone will know we follow Him John 13:34-35


Happy March!  This month in Kindergarten through 5th grade our theme is Forgiveness.  God wants for us to understand that someone who has wronged us doesn't have to pay.  Our memory verse for this month is:  "Put up with one another.  Forgive one another if you are holding something against someone. Forgive, just the Lord forgave you."  Colossians 3:13

Here's what to expect each week:

March 1:  Unmerciful Servant  Matthew 18:21-35

Bottom Line:  Forgive others because God forgives you.

March 8:  Zacchaeus  Luke 19:1-10

Bottom Line:  When you forgive others, it can change them.

March 15:  Jesus Teaches on Forgiveness  Matthew 5:1-2; 23-24

Bottom Line:  Take the first step to forgive others.

March 22:  The Story of the Lost Son  Luke 15:11-24

Bottom Line:  Everyone needs to be forgiven.

March 29:  Father and Older Brother  Luke 15:21-32

Bottom Line:  When you don't forgive you miss out.