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  • keystone kids outdoor service

    Join us LIVE for our Keystone Kids Outdoor Service on Sunday, August 2 @ 10am!  This is a service for the entire family to enjoy together.  We  will see you there, and don't forget to bring a chair! 

  • Keystone Kids "Cart O' Fun" 

    The cart will roll out again WHEN WE ARE ABLE TO RETURN TO CHURCH and will be out before and after each service.  This is a super fun reward program, where Keystone Kids earn "Keystone Kids Stars" to spend on the "Cart O' Fun." Kids earn these stars by being spotted serving others, knowing or using their memory verse, bringing friends to church, in celebration of their birthdays and loving like God loves.  Kids can purchase one item from the cart, that we ask parents to hold until after service.

  • Keystone Kids' Challenges

    We are challenging our Keystone Kids to do something that serves another person or helps them to think through the Bible story from the previous week and have some fun!  These challenges are fun for the whole family to get involved.  We love to see the kids in action so once they have completed the challenge send us an email with a pic of them completing it to!  

  • Virtual Chats with Miss Alicia, Miss Holly, and Miss Lisa

    We want to catch up with all of our AWESOME Keystone kiddos and see what fun things they have been up to.  We are having VIRTUAL CHATS this summer so keep an eye out for a text or email for the date and time of our next one.  

what to expect each week

3yrs - PreK

Happy August! This month in 3-PreK our theme is "Say Cheese," because we are learning to see all the wonderful ways God made us to be like Him and how we are each unique and special!  Our memory verse is taken from PSALM 139:14,  "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."  

August 2:  God made all people in His image. 

August 9:  People are so important to God, He even knows how many hairs are on each of their heads.  
LUKE 12:7

August 16:  God loved the world so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to be our friend forever. 
JOHN 3:16

August 23:  We can talk to God anytime, anywhere, about anything, and He will hear us.  

JEREMIAH 29:12; MATTHEW 6:5-13

August 30:  Tabitha shows us that God made us to help others.  She made clothes for people who needed them.  
1 TIMOTHY 4:12; ACTS 9:36-39

what to expect each week


Happy August! This month our theme is Creativity. God wants us to imagine what we could do because we our made in His image. Our memory verse for this month is: "Lord, you are great.  You are  really worthy of praise.  No one can completely understand how great you are." PSALM  145:3 NIrV

August 2: Creation...GENESIS 1-2:3

Bottom line: There is no limit to God's creativity.

August 9:  We Are God's Creation... EPHESIANS 2:10

Bottom line: God created you, so you can be creative.

August  16:  The Book of Esther...ESTHER

Bottom line: God created you for a purpose.

August  23:  Four Friends Who Helped...Mark 2:1-12

Bottom line: God created you to work with others.

August  30:  Salt and Light...Matthew 5:13-16

Bottom line: God created you to share His story.