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Keystone's current options for connecting to others in community. Whoever you are, there's a group for you!

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  • Tuesday Morning Men's Group | 7-8:30a

    Join Mike Veenstra & a few other adventurous guys for breakfast & a discussion of Sunday's message in Keystone's Gathering Space. 

  • Tuesday Night Women's Groups | 7-8:30p

    There are currently 2 opportunites for women to connect in community on Tuesday nights at Keystone. Join Jodie Masefield & Dawn VanSledright as they continue on a "journey of grace" (This group meets regularly at the Keystone's mezzanine & and occasionally off-site.) or Join Kris Wassink & other Keystone friends at the couches in the back of the Gathering Space to connect and discuss the Sunday teaching.

  • Tuesday Morning Mom's Group | 9:45-11:15a

    Amy Croft & a group of Keystone moms gather at Keystone to share life and faith. Childcare is provided.

  • Tuesday Night Men's Group | 7-8:30p

    Join David Noe & a bunch of guys discussing a variety of topics at the couches in the front of the Gathering Space.

  • Tuesday Night Couples Groups | 7-8:30p

    There are currently2 opportunities for couples to connect in community on Tuesday nights at Keystone. Join Bob & Bette Jo Nienhuis in the upstairs office loft, or Pat and Cyndi O'Connor in the Gathering Space for a discussion of faith and life.

  • Thursday Morning Women's Group | 9:15-10:15a

    Join Holly Binns, Lisa VandenBerg, and a group of women with school-age children on the back couches of Keystone's Gathering Space for a discussion of Sunday's teaching.

  • Women's Thursday Lunch Big Idea Group | 11:30-12:30p

    Join Michelle Schaal & other Keystone women for lunch & a conversation about the weekend teaching. This group runs from September 14-October 19 at area restaurants.

  • Thursday Night "Big Idea Brewing Company" | 7-8:30p

    Join Jeff Merrill & other Keystone friends as they create their own "brew" and discuss the Sunday teaching.

  • Thursday Night Men's Business Owners Group | 7-8:30p

    Randy Wassink leads this group of business owners in a once-per-month gathering to share insights helpful to those leading organizations.

  • Thursday 20s & 30s Couples Group | 7-9p

    Join Caitlyn & Ben Jachim for community and conversation. Location varies, so e-mail for more details.

  • Young 20s Group | 7-9p

    Join Ryan King & others at his home to engage in community, enjoy a meal together, and explore questions of faith. E-mail for more information.