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It's Not About You!

We live in a society where achievement and success is everything. Whether it's through academics, athletics, music, art, you name it, there is a constant pressure to be the best. Teenagers today believe that if they don't succeed at the things stated above, they won't amount to anything or be a successful person. Sometimes the pressure to succeed can take us from having an outward focus to an inward focus. This week, we're going to look at a man named Solomon and how he started with an outward focus and ended up having an inward focus. What we will learn from Solomon is it's not all about us. 

Please join us! 

Small Group Questions: 

1. What is something you have succeeded at? 

2 Tell of a time when you failed at something. 

3. What makes a person successful? What makes a person unsuccessful? 

4. How did King Solomon turn his focus from inward to outward? 

5. What does humility and wisdom look like? 

6. What is one way that you have an inward focus? 

7. What is one way you can turn your focus outward? 

Messy Game Night Highlight Video

We got messy a few weeks ago and we have a video to show for it. 
Check this out!